Frequently Asked Questions

It is a totally construction-based portal, where you get all the necessary products and services required in this field. Also, It helps you to fulfill your needs and desire of buying and selling your products as well as services.

Each and every contractor, dealer, supplier, manufacturer, retailer, builder&developer, service provider, and broker of this construction industry. Anyone who wants to sell/rent their property easily and quickly.

The benefits are that you will get an online presence by putting your business online with us through a Mobile-friendly website. This will give access to create a new selling opportunity via mail-order & e-commerce and also easy access to product information and customer services. Moreover, New customers will reach you, which will be extending your local reach. You will also there where your customers are, they’re on the web and accessible at all times.

As we know, the world is growing rapidly towards online platforms. Nowadays, We are getting most things online. As this construction field in our country is in the developing stage, We are trying to get everyone an online portfolio. So they can expand their business and reach. The old tradition of these industries was that people were gathered at certain places to exchange services. Also to advertising their work in the newspaper and giving visiting cards to all people, so getting work was a bit difficult task. Now, with the help of contractor Ji, you can do all things with a mobile/ laptop from anywhere within a few minutes.

No qualifications required, only quality of ‘work and product’ is required.

You can create an account through your mobile number if you don't have an email ID.

Strictly No, Until and unless your product/service is not related to construction industries, you should not give it a try.

No, This company doesn’t take any commission from anyone. It just provides the platform.

No, we don’t provide any legal agreement between anyone. We only assure you that to one whom you are dealing with is genuine, as we verify at an early stage.

Just go to and watch the step by step video for creating an account.

Just go to and watch the step by step video for adding product.

As we are expanding day by day we will try to reach in your city soon. Do mention your requirements we will try to fulfill your needs/request. Contact Us by mail/phone

Yes, This portal gives a check to all service providers and suppliers at their early stage of joining to the Contractor ji. 

No, It is totally free for the users. They are always welcome to use our website.

Contact us through the mail and provide your account information, contractor ji will delete your account within few times.

At this moment we are working in Navsari city.

No, Still we are working in India only.

Just go to ‘contact us’ from our home page and mail us, we will contact you as soon as possible.